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Imbibing The Experience And Not Just The Alcohol

The problem with drinking is that the better of an idea it seems to be, the less likely that is probably the case. I have spent roughly a decade partying responsibly but, lately, drinking hasn’t been quite as much fun … Continue reading

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Grim Ruminant Mammals and Lawn Care

Like many American fathers, mine always took a special pride in the appearance of his yard.  Quite a few dads measure a large portion of their worth by the quality of their lawn.  Because of my father, I could probably … Continue reading

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Eldritch People: How Every Grocery Store is Haunted

If you ever find yourself bored with grocery shopping, it’s because you’re not doing it at the right time.  You should be going late at night.  That’s when the entire market is populated by ghosts, trolls, golems and other assorted … Continue reading

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