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Terrible Advice That Could Potentially Work

In my experience, the best way to get a woman to like you is to be totally apathetic and make as many bad jokes as humanly possible. Keep in mind that this really only works on women you aren’t particularly … Continue reading

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Seven Days of Convalescence: A Weak Week

Here is a bad drawing of a bad totally awesome pun I made while I’ve been unwell all this  week.  I suppose it’s healthy to be sick once in a while.  I’ll offer some real content in a day or … Continue reading

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Friendship Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Life’s a Beach


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The New American Pastime: Chrono Gallivanting

I’ve been thinking a lot about time travel lately and wondering why that’s not the next big technology we’re working on. I don’t need my computer to be any smaller or flatter than it currently is and we already have … Continue reading

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