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Weird New NYC Parks Campaign Guarantees Explosive Increase in Rat and Bird Population

There appears to be a weird new New York City Parks campaign to increase the rat and bird population. Luckily, I think rats and pigeons are hilarious animals. I am already hard at work on breeding my very first litter … Continue reading

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Modern Problems: The Cultivation of Pulchritude in Ugliness

There is a distinct absence of class today.  Back during what many refer to as in the day, if two parties had a disagreement, someone would have made a clever quip and then tap danced up a marble staircase.  Chances are, they … Continue reading

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The New American Pastime: Chrono Gallivanting

I’ve been thinking a lot about time travel lately and wondering why that’s not the next big technology we’re working on. I don’t need my computer to be any smaller or flatter than it currently is and we already have … Continue reading

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Picasso’s Eggs

Picasso claimed that every child is an artist and that the difficulty is in remaining an artist as you grow older.  I suppose that is true.  With the exception of a few scientists and engineers,  the majority of my friends … Continue reading

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Accidentally Pretentious

(originally written June 18, 2009) I have lived my life in the service of expression and perception but I am unaware of all the reasons that drive me to amass and scrutinize the elements of my own existence. I do … Continue reading

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