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Sadness and Soviet Space Dogs

A friend of mine called me late the other night and said the following, “It’s like we’re in hell. This is hell… but it’s still so beautiful.” I knew exactly what he meant. A few days prior, I was wandering … Continue reading

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The Apex of Cuisine: When Too Far Isn’t Far Enough

Roughly every half century, humanity takes a giant leap forward.  The industrial revolution created the modern age of progress and spurred technological advancements.  Fifty years later, we detonated the atomic bomb and man left the safety of our planet for … Continue reading

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An Unusual Flattering Remark on my Posterior

I recently set up my, long idle, twitter account in order to prostitute this blog more effectively.  I’m not sure how I feel about a medium that only gives you one-hundred and forty characters to explain a concept though.  I … Continue reading

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