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Third Party Verification That I Write Humor

The Daily Post was kind enough to ask me for an interview and get my take as a humor expert but just I used it as a platform to engage in hate speak against my least favorite comic strip character … Continue reading

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A Ghost in the Mind is Worth Two in the Bush

Watching someone attempt to fight off ghosts in real life is nothing like it’s portrayed in the movies. On the big screen it’s all Hollywood special effects and computerized lasers but, in reality, it’s all cursing and screaming the right … Continue reading

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I Watched Beetlejuice The Other Day

It seems like the solution to the Maitland’s problem would have been to kill the Deetz family right away.  Outside of that, being trapped in your house for one-hundred years doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal.  That actually … Continue reading

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Ghost Dogs and the New American Job Market

When we were all young, everyone kept telling us that we could be whatever we wanted when we grew up. After all, we lived in America and that was the one place in the whole world where you could achieve … Continue reading

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Eldritch People: How Every Grocery Store is Haunted

If you ever find yourself bored with grocery shopping, it’s because you’re not doing it at the right time.  You should be going late at night.  That’s when the entire market is populated by ghosts, trolls, golems and other assorted … Continue reading

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