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A Ghost in the Mind is Worth Two in the Bush

Watching someone attempt to fight off ghosts in real life is nothing like it’s portrayed in the movies. On the big screen it’s all Hollywood special effects and computerized lasers but, in reality, it’s all cursing and screaming the right … Continue reading

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The Low Down on Getting High

I often find myself wondering about drug laws because there doesn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason to them. Some potentially harmful synthetic drugs are regulated and sold as medicine, while other more natural and less harmful ones remain illegal. … Continue reading

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Imbibing The Experience And Not Just The Alcohol

The problem with drinking is that the better of an idea it seems to be, the less likely that is probably the case. I have spent roughly a decade partying responsibly but, lately, drinking hasn’t been quite as much fun … Continue reading

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The Farcical Campaign on Corpulence and Being an Accountable Human

Yesterday I temporarily existed on a plane of purple and gold bewilderment after having read the headline, “San Francisco Cracks Down on Happy Meals and Their Ilk.”  It didn’t make sense because it conjured images of burly men in shiny … Continue reading

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Broken Glass and Birthdays: Another True Story

After having quit some months before, my life had returned to one where I have the obligatory cigarette now and again. I had chosen to take this particular smoke break alone on the porch during the low-key birthday celebrations of … Continue reading

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