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Paternal Evolution: The Impediment of All Natural Urges

A number of my friends are having children so I have been thinking a lot about fatherhood lately. The relationship with a father, especially as another male, is probably the most complicated concept I can imagine. Our society attempts to … Continue reading

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The Moments Succeeding Saint Valentine’s Day

I hope that everyone had consensual sex on Valentine’s Day but, if you found yourself sans a valentine, it’s not like this was your last chance.  I assure you, despite that deep dark feeling, you will probably have another opportunity.  … Continue reading

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Unifiable Infantile Hideousness: Is YOUR Baby Ugly?

This might not be news for the entirety of the human race, but not everybody can have a cute baby.  If I had to be honest, I would say that some babies are about as cute as a truck stop … Continue reading

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The Farcical Campaign on Corpulence and Being an Accountable Human

Yesterday I temporarily existed on a plane of purple and gold bewilderment after having read the headline, “San Francisco Cracks Down on Happy Meals and Their Ilk.”  It didn’t make sense because it conjured images of burly men in shiny … Continue reading

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Being Right, Finding Yourself and Other Things that Don’t Matter Much.

Quite a few people drift through life like those fuzzy dust particles drift through beams of light.  A few will shine or catch a breeze and dance with each other but, despite being surrounded by them, most of them will … Continue reading

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